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Welcome to Desert Investment Advisors,  we are Arizona's premier property management company specializing in  residential property management and offering over 150 homes, houses,  condos and town homes for rent throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our priorities are yours too -- Low Vacancy and Low Delinquency rates are the keys to successful cash flow and return on investment.  DIA prides itself on concentrating - every day - on these two objectives for your property.

DIA is a result of years of experience in the property management field by its Broker, agents and employees.  Coming from diverse fields and companies both in Arizona and elsewhere, Desert Investment Advisors represents not just a "department" of a large real estate sales firm, but a firm dedicated to property management as its primary focus. Our experience has enabled us to tailor-make and streamline the property management business into a "user-friendly" service for our clients and tenants.  All aspects of our business are computerized and understood by all staffers.  We use the latest technologies - such as virtual offices - to stay in touch with you and your property.  Experience has also allowed us to create our commonsense fee structure that provides incentive to keep your property leased and well cared-for.  While our fees vary by property type and numbers of properties per portfolio, DIA never charges a set-up, administration or vacancy fee that can provide disincentive to leasing your property.  WE GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID.